Friday, April 2, 2010

About The Game

We're still working out the details, so for now here's what we know:

Donkey Island is an online poker blogger series, utilizing reality game show elements along with the usual poker elements.

Sixteen main contestants will play the Survive Donkey Island elements and compete for the main prize (TBA). The Poker tournaments and additional prizes - as well as the ability to affect the game directly - will be available to all.

Events will be held every Wednesday (The Mookie) and Sunday (TBA).

After every event, one contestant will be voted out.

The next day, that contestant will be encouraged to write an hilarious flame post.

You can just play the poker tournaments, or, if you want to get in on the Survive Donkey Island fun, listen to Buddy Dank Radio!

If you want to be a contestant, you'll need to let us know that you are interested through a very simple "audition". We will be writing The Rules about how to audition very soon.

Keep checking back here for prize information!