Sunday, January 30, 2011

Donkey Island is FULL

Our last 3 contestants are now in the game! Taking the final spots we have:

I will be randomly splitting the players into 2 teams later today.
Check back for more information soon!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Player List! 3 SPOTS LEFT!


Lots of people jumping on this! Woot!

Julius Goat
Edgie212 (wow do i hope that is his myspace page)
iaatg6296 (seriously? who still uses myspace?)

I will keep updating this list as people join. Once we get enough people I will split everyone into 2 teams.
Here is a small banner you can use to promote the game on your blog.

We're Back On Bitches!

From Julius Goat

About a year ago or so I was mulling over a prop I had going with Bayne on some season of Survivor or other, and I suddenly had an idea. An inevitable idea. A great idea? Maybe. Maybe not. I guess we're about to find out.

Survivor + Poker.

A poker tournament in which the runners are playing normal poker, but are also playing for a prize pool that would be won along the lines of the popular/awful reality granddaddy, Survivor.

So here's the tentative plan.

I'm hosting the Donkey Island tournament series for a while.

Donkey Island
Full Tilt Poker
NLHE (Probably) $1 + $1 Rebuy (Probably)
9:30 EST Sunday
Starting February 13

Some things to note:

1) This will be a typical poker tournament on the Private tournament tab, open to all. You don't have to play the Donkey Island competition to play the tournament; however, you obviously also won't be involved in the competition for the additional prize.

2) If you do want to play the Donkey Island competition, transfer $20 to BuddyDank on Full Tilt Poker (first letter of city "C"). The first 16 entries will be accepted. Subsequent entries will be returned but the people who sent them will get right of first refusal if we run it again. Entries will form the prize pool.

If you are a contestant, these will be the rules:

* You will be randomly divided by Buddy into Team Fish and Team Donkey.

* To easily distinguish yourselves as contestants, choose the FTP avatar that corresponds to your team during event play.

* Each Mookie/Dank (Wed. 10:00 PM) and each Donkey Island (Sunday 10:00 PM) will be an event of the prop bet.

* Team play. For the first six events, the contestant who runs the deepest in the event and his/her entire team is immune from elimination. The losing team must vote one of their members out of the competition. The person receiving the most votes will be out of play and out of contention for the prize. In the case of a tie, the loser of a heads-up match between the two potential eliminate-ees will be out of play. Stakes and poker variant for the heads-up match is up to the contestants; play chip matches are acceptable.

* Individual play. After the 6th elimination, the teams will be merged, and all "contestants" will be required to vote one person out of the competition. The contestant who runs the deepest in the event will be immune from votes. Same tiebreaker rules as before apply.

* Final event. When there are only 2 players left, the contestant who lasts longest in the final event will receive 40% of the prize pool.

* Prize vote. The 14 previously eliminated contestants will vote on which of the 2 players should receive the remaining 60% of the prize pool.

* How to vote. Votes must be in prior to the event for both teams. Votes can be sent to Buddy Dank via IM, email, or on-air at BDR. Once you send your vote, it is official and cannot be rescinded. Votes for an immune person will not be counted. Votes sent after the start of an event will not be counted. In the odd case that a person who receives 100% of the votes is immune, the eliminated party will be the person who has the most prior votes. Ties will be handled in the way already laid out.

* I don't want everybody to feel like they have to grind out every event; thus it is not necessary for "contestants" to play every event in order to be able to vote. However, you obviously will need to play an event to win the last-longer for that event.

* Smack talk and blog rants are highly encouraged, provided they are funny.

* Using IM and texts and other media to form alliances and plan backstabbing are highly encouraged.

* Deals to chop the prize pool after the fact to wrangle votes is forbidden. We can't enforce this, but come on. Don't be lame.

* There are probably contingencies and ambiguities with this thing that I haven't thought about. Buddy Dank is our lovely host, and will be making any judgments and rule changes as needed to navigate oddities as they arise. To avoid conflict of interests, Buddy won't be playing. No one man should have all that power.

And that's it.

Schedule of Events

Team Play

Event 1..........Donkey Island.......Feb. 13 (16 contestants)
Event 2 .........Mookie/Dank....... Feb. 16 (15 contestants)
Event 3 .........Donkey Island...... Feb. 20 (14 contestants)
Event 4 .........Mookie/Dank....... Feb. 23 (13 contestants)
Event 5 .........Donkey Island ......Feb. 27 (12 contestants)
Event 6 ........ Mookie/Dank....... March 2 (11 contestants)

Individual Play

Event 7 .........Donkey Island....... March 6 (10 contestants)
Event 8 .........Mookie/Dank........ March 9 (9 contestants)
Event 9 .........Donkey Island....... March 13 (8 contestants)
Event 10........Mookie/Dank........ March 16 (7 contestants)
Event 11 .......Donkey Island....... March 20 (6 contestants)
Event 12 .......Mookie/Dank........ March 23 (5 contestants)
Event 13 .......Donkey Island ...... March 27 (4 contestants)
Event 14 .......Mookie/Dank ........March 30 (3 contestants)

Final Event

Event 15 .......Donkey Island........ April 3 (2 contestants)