Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 5 Tonight! donkey donkey donkey

Sunday Bloody Sunday! Gonna be a fun one this week folks. First ever Multi-Entry Tournament that we have played together, $5 per entry with a limit of 4 entries. Will this come down to who has the biggest bankroll? Or can someone win with just one entry? *those not familiar with multi-entry tournaments may want to read up on that

All I do know is that it makes it very complicated to have an Immunity Bounty tonight. So here is what we're going to do. We haven't had to even give one out for the past couple weeks so we're going to try to ensure someone wins individual immunity tonight. Depending on how many people enter 4 times will depend on the advantage as well.(and how many people show up)

Here are the rules:
Each time you take out a player on the other team, you get 1 point.
The player with the most points on the team who does NOT win the team immunity will win the Individual Immunity Bounty.
Players taken out by non-player and vice versa means nothing. No points awarded to anyone.
A Player who takes out a player on his own team gets 0 points and is most likely to be voted off next.
Tie goes to who ever runs the deepest overall.

Does this confuses you? If it does? Just leave it to us and we'll tell you at the end who you can and can not vote for. Best to make double sure when you vote to send you secondary option just in care. Email all votes within 30 minutes of the end of the tournament to

Tune in to BuddyDank Radio tonight for complete up to date coverage of the entire game. or
I'll be doing a video broadcast tonight!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bounties A' Popping!

Get ready for some crazy action during Mookie/Dank tonight!
First off, our contestants will be gunning for Wolfshead. He is the Immunity Bounty for the players this evening.
Plus! Heffmife has put a $40 Super Bounty on VeryJosie tonight. Someone's not happy.

Guess who else isn't very happy after last week? Alcanthang is putting a $10 bounty on all of his ex-teammates who voted him out. Includes xkm1245, smboatdrinks, iaatg@#$%(tutle), hoy and josie. But not Dawnsummer because Al is convinced she didn't vote for him.

Wolfshead - Immunity Bounty
VeryJosie - $50($40 heffmike, $10 Al)
Xkm1245 - $10
Smboatdrinks- $10
Iaatg - $10
Hoyazo - $10

Who will be voted out tonight????

Tune into BDR tonight to find out!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

3 players down

Very tough battle last night between both teams. Alcanthang was looking to outlast heffmike but it was not in the cards. So after running the deepest out of anyone on his team and providing us all with added money to the tournament, Alcanthang was voted out.

Vote count:
Alcanthang - 5
Dawnsummers - 1
Hoy - 1

See you all on Wednesday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 2 Results

Team Donkey had a very strong showing last night. XKM was the only member of Team Donkey left toward the end but he still only managed 11th. Team Fish had 5 people make the final table. HighOnPoker won the tourney and immunity for his team. The immunity bounty was handed out and not needed.
Riggstad was voted off by his team and is out of the game.

Votes tally:
Riggstad - 6
Josie - 1
Dawn - 1

I did not receive a vote from DawnSummers or Riggstad so they each voted for themselves.
See everyone on Sunday!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 2 is tonight!

There will be an Immunity Bounty for an individual contestant again. This week your target is.....Waffles! or Manic57 on FT. If a Contestant takes out Waffles(or the non-contestant that may have taken him out earlier) and they will have immunity even their your team loses. XKM1245 won it last week by taking buddydank out.

Hoyazo won the inaugural tourney on Sunday and won immunity for Team Fish. Team Donkey quickly voted off NumbBono.

Feel free to drop on by BDR during the game tonight!
Plus there is a new longer version of the Intro video up on my youtube site.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The first player voted off Donkey Island......

During Day 1 of Donkey Island!
Hoyazo won the tournament and immunity for Team Fish.
XKM1245 won an unneeded individual immunity by taking out BuddyDank

and the first person voted off...

He received 5 votes and is the first member of the jury.

EDIT! Many people have requested I give the total vote count. I stopped counting when Numb got 5 cause that's all he needed. But in the end I did get a vote from every single player on the team. I will hold onto the who voted for who info right now.

Total Votes - 8
Numb - 6
Jamyhawk - 2

Next Game is Wednesday!

Donkey Island starts Tonight!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Game Starts Sunday!


Survive Donkey Island 001
Full Tilt Poker
$1 + $1 Rebuy
February 13, 2011
9:30 PM EST
password: survive

Full Tilt Poker
$10 + $1 NLHE
password: vegas1

These are the immunity idols!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Survive Donkey Island: Meet The Donkeys (And the Fish)

from the goat

All right, friends, we've got our Donkey Island contestants.
Remember, Donkey Island is a series of private poker tournaments that is open to everybody, and the sixteen contestants will simply be playing a prop bet as an overlay (Donkey Island will also be running over in The Dank). Feel free to join in! First one is in 2 weeks, and it's a rebuy!

Survive Donkey Island 001
Full Tilt Poker
$1 + $1 Rebuy
February 13, 2011
9:30 PM EST
password: survive

Team Donkey and Team Fish will be competing for the cash prize pool. The winner will take down literally dozens of dollars. The losers will be killed and eaten where they stand. Here are the Runners, and may God have mercy on their souls.

Team Fish

Team Motto: " Go big, or go small. Either way."

Al Can't Hang

Plays Poker Like: Somebody who doesn't get out much.
Survivor Identity: The happy codger.
Strategy for Survival: Display his value by regaling his team with stories about the way things used to be.


Plays Poker Like: Phil Ivey crossed with a sack of painted rocks. Mainly the rocks.
Survivor Identity: The rat bastard.
Strategy for Survival: Win his team's trust by spearing fish, cooking them . . . little do those fools know that they are eating POISON FISH BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! BWAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Plays Poker Like: Um . . . it's Hoyazo, you idjit. He plays AWESOME.
Survivor Identity: The hot chick.
Strategy for Survival: Lasso tricks and seduction.

The Real Dawn Summers

Plays Poker Like: A Zac Efron fan after the 2nd wine cooler.
Survivor Identity: The silent assassin.
Strategy for Survival: Plans to use her Twitter account to get people to call in votes for her. Also, does not realize that this isn't American Idol.


Plays Poker Like: A combination between Fergie and Jesus.
Survivor Identity: The hot chick's friend.
Strategy for Survival: Hide in the sand.


Plays Poker Like: The money doesn't matter. And like the chips don't matter. And like strategy doesn't matter.
Survivor Identity: Good-time Charlie
Strategy for Survival: KARATE CHOP!!!


Plays Poker Like: Daffy Duck
Survivor Identity: Abrasive leader who Gets Things Done
Strategy for Survival: Won't get voted out, because she says so, that's why.


Plays Poker Like: Richard III.
Survivor Identity: The Clown-baby.
Strategy for Survival: Doesn't plan to survive. Don't you see the signs? He came here to die, man. He came here to die.

Team Donkey

Team Motto: "Yes, we . . . can? I'm going to be honest with you, that doesn't sound right."


Plays Poker Like: He truly believes everything will go his way.
Survivor Identity: The Mastermind.
Strategy for Survival: Stay up every night planning.


Plays Poker Like: A pro. By which I mean a prostitute, of course.
Survivor Identity: The Hyper-Competitive Guy
Strategy for Survival: Win every single tournament, win the respect of all by laughing in their faces.

High On Poker

Plays Poker Like: Michael Jordan plays baseball.
Survivor Identity: The Drama Queen.
Strategy for Survival: First, you get the money. Then you get the power. Then you get the women.


Plays Poker Like: He's never played poker.
Survivor Identity: The Crazy-Like-A-Fox Hayseed
Strategy for Survival: Just find the winning team, keep your head down, and ride those coat-tails.


Plays Poker Like: Hmm, how to describe it. Well, you remember when you were a kid? You remember how awesome Christmas morning was? The exact opposite of that.
Survivor Identity: The First One Voted Out
Strategy for Survival: Abject begging.


Plays Poker Like: Every week was Shark Week.
Survivor Identity: The Psychopath
Strategy for Survival: Well, first you need to get an alliance. Next, you have to make sure that you have a few other stringers on board. Then, when all your ducks are in a row, you start burying the Claymore mines and stringing up the piano wire. Once you have all the bodies in one place, it's time to dig the mass graves. I may have said too much.


Plays Poker Like: A ham sandwich.
Survivor Identity: The Wild Card
Strategy for Survival: Poodle. Poodle all the way.

Numb Bono

Plays Poker Like: A lost little lamb.
Survivor Identity: The Girl Next Door
Strategy for Survival: Snuggling, pictures of kitty cats.