Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bounties A' Popping!

Get ready for some crazy action during Mookie/Dank tonight!
First off, our contestants will be gunning for Wolfshead. He is the Immunity Bounty for the players this evening.
Plus! Heffmife has put a $40 Super Bounty on VeryJosie tonight. Someone's not happy.

Guess who else isn't very happy after last week? Alcanthang is putting a $10 bounty on all of his ex-teammates who voted him out. Includes xkm1245, smboatdrinks, iaatg@#$%(tutle), hoy and josie. But not Dawnsummer because Al is convinced she didn't vote for him.

Wolfshead - Immunity Bounty
VeryJosie - $50($40 heffmike, $10 Al)
Xkm1245 - $10
Smboatdrinks- $10
Iaatg - $10
Hoyazo - $10

Who will be voted out tonight????

Tune into BDR tonight to find out!!!


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