Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 5 Tonight! donkey donkey donkey

Sunday Bloody Sunday! Gonna be a fun one this week folks. First ever Multi-Entry Tournament that we have played together, $5 per entry with a limit of 4 entries. Will this come down to who has the biggest bankroll? Or can someone win with just one entry? *those not familiar with multi-entry tournaments may want to read up on that

All I do know is that it makes it very complicated to have an Immunity Bounty tonight. So here is what we're going to do. We haven't had to even give one out for the past couple weeks so we're going to try to ensure someone wins individual immunity tonight. Depending on how many people enter 4 times will depend on the advantage as well.(and how many people show up)

Here are the rules:
Each time you take out a player on the other team, you get 1 point.
The player with the most points on the team who does NOT win the team immunity will win the Individual Immunity Bounty.
Players taken out by non-player and vice versa means nothing. No points awarded to anyone.
A Player who takes out a player on his own team gets 0 points and is most likely to be voted off next.
Tie goes to who ever runs the deepest overall.

Does this confuses you? If it does? Just leave it to us and we'll tell you at the end who you can and can not vote for. Best to make double sure when you vote to send you secondary option just in care. Email all votes within 30 minutes of the end of the tournament to

Tune in to BuddyDank Radio tonight for complete up to date coverage of the entire game. or
I'll be doing a video broadcast tonight!



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