Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And then there were 3

Our Final Three!!!

Last nights Badugi game was interesting. 4 contestants left and Muhctim ran the deepest to win immunity.

VeryJosie - 2
Xkm1245 - 2

With another tie we have another heads up match. VeryJosie runs good and wins. Xkm1245 is the next contestant voted off Donkey Island. This week during The Dank we will have the final 3. Voting works a bit different during this game. Only the person out of the remaining 3 who runs the deepest gets to vote. That person will decide who they are taking to the final 2 and who is going home.

What a crazy week. I'm sorry for all the delays. My computer crashed before and during the show on Sunday and I lost a hard drive. Luckily I keep back ups of most things but I did lose most everything I had for the game. Hehe I also lost 12,000 mp3s but that's not as big of a deal.

BDR is back up and running again tonight. I'll see if I can get the requests working on time.


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