Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Donkey Island #6

Dawnsummers was eliminated last week on Team Fish. Team Donkey continues to dominate but the competition has been fully entertaining.

Tonights Dank/Mookie is the last team event before we combine all players into 1 tribe.

The Immunity Bounty for this evening is on Hoyazo.
Also VeryJosie has put a $20 bounty on Heffmike in retaliation for the one he put on her last week.

If anyone else has any more bounties to offer? let me know.

On Sunday I tried a video broadcast again but I couldn't support the bandwidth. So just audio again tonight on BDR. But I am going to try again for video on Sunday. I have an upgrade to my internet service coming on Friday, just had to call them. 5X FASTER!(for $5 less? wtf?)

See you all tonight!


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